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We’re Katelyn & John, wedding photographers based in Phoenix, Arizona. We aim for a timeless look — so you end up with classic photos & an experience to match. 

Becoming the Cantus – Part 4: Our Wedding Day

As long as I’ve been photographing and blogging weddings, I can’t believe I’ve never taken the time to actually blog my own wedding photos!! Bringing you Part 4 of my Becoming the Cantus series… Our Wedding Day! I’m so excited to share these sweet photos. Obviously, as a wedding photographer myself, I find such value in photography, and I really treasure these photos by Charity Maurer Photography. I’m so excited to share a little bit about our wedding day…

Since John and I both grew up in Florence, Arizona, we really wanted to keep our wedding local. As high school sweethearts, there was just something so special about tying the knot in the same town John asked me to be his girlfriend during his Spanish class powerpoint presentation (you can read more about that, here!) So right away we were drawn to the Windmill Winery as an option for tying the knot. The property is absolutely beautiful and had the perfect ceremony location for what I was envisioning: a tall, twisted tree towering over a gorgeous, grassy area tucked in the center of the venue. It felt so sweet and private and we knew it was the spot.

The day started at our Reception venue, where we actually got ready with our bridesmaids and groomsmen. After we were done getting ready, we headed just up the street to a really cool spot Charity had found for our First Look. We opted for a first look on our wedding day so that we could get all of our photos done before the ceremony! I really wanted the time after the Ceremony to be reserved for Bride & Groom photos during the best lighting of the day- and it worked out perfectly! Our First Look was so sweet and John definitely cried, which was awesome! Haha! After the First Look, everyone headed to the Windmill Winery for more photos and the Ceremony.

Before long, I was walking down the aisle to a crying (AGAIN) John- hahaha! We chose to do communion during our Ceremony as our first act as Husband & Wife. Of course, during the chaos of all the last minute details, I totally forgot to bring the communion elements. Our amazing officiant secured some wine (thankfully we were getting married at a winery) and for the bread- GARLIC CROUTONS. No, not joking. LOL! It was the only thing available, and definitely got the job done. But John and I were totally trying not to laugh as we crunched down on our garlic croutons during what was supposed to be a really serious moment. Hahaha! It was honestly just perfect for us, since John and I have so much fun together, we totally laughed the whole thing off and now it’s one of our absolute favorite wedding memories.

After the Ceremony, we headed to some gorgeous desert nearby for Bride & Groom photos. I am SO happy we were able to sneak in some photos off property. The desert is my favorite place and it meant a lot to capture some wedding photos in that scenery.

After that, we headed to our Reception at the Women’s Club in Florence. I fell in love with the over 100-year old building’s historic charm. Florence is known for its old adobe buildings and having a place with such a rich history as a part of our wedding day felt really special!

There were so many amazing moments that night, but the standout memory from our reception is definitely John and I’s first dance as husband and wife. We had come up with a *VERY SIMPLE* choreographed dance together that we spent hours and hours practicing… and we were pretty proud of ourselves! We were incredibly intentional about choosing a first dance song since music has always been a big part of our relationship (we have sung together at church for years). We went through several options before finally settling on “A Place Only You Can Go” by Needtobreathe. As SOON as I heard it, I knew it was the song. When I shared it with John, he immediately agreed. The song had such a beautiful double meaning for us as we applied it to our own relationship and also found deeper meaning as Christians with the commitment we were about to make before God.

Here are a few of my favorite lyrics from the song, 

“Pain is alive in a broken heart, The past never does go away, We were born to love and we’re born to pay, The price for our mistakes — Grace, she comes with a heavy load, Memories, they can’t be erased, Like a pill I swallow, he makes me well, And leaves an awful taste…”

“Oh, I know this song won’t do, Enough to prove my love to you… In my heart you’ll always know, There is a place only love can go, There is a place only you can go”

“Take my notions and words to heart, This is the cry of a man, I can’t bring you fortune or noble life, But I’ll love you all I can…”

The song is filled with themes about Grace, love, and the difficulty that comes with love. At the end of the day, we were (and still are) two imperfect people who are just trying our best to love each other well. We’ve failed a million times, and we’ll continue to fail, but just as God shows us continual Grace, we will continue to show each other Grace as our marriage grows.

I’ll finish this post on a joyful note- with some of my favorite shots from our reception!! We were officially the Cantus, and we had the best time celebrating our new marriage with our family and friends!!


PHOTOGRAPHER: Charity Maurer Photography

CEREMONY: The Windmill Winery

HAIR + MAKEUP: Sweet and Sunny Hair

WEDDING DRESS: David’s Bridal

RECEPTION: Florence Women’s Club

DJ: Joel Gibbs with Ellagant Entertainment


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Welcome Friends!

we’re so glad you’re here!

We’re Katelyn & John, wedding photographers based in Phoenix, Arizona. We aim for a timeless look — so you end up with classic photos & an experience to match. 


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