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desert dwelling + documenting life


I’m a wedding and portrait photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. As a lover of all things simple, I use natural light and strive to slow down time with intentional shooting to truly capture the beauty of a moment. I want to tell the story of your relationship, your baby, and your family. I’ve told marriage stories for 7 years, and now I’m also telling the stories of husbands and wives becoming fathers and mothers. I aim for a timeless look — so you end up with classic photos & an experience to match.

IN MY PERSONAL LIFE… I married by high school sweetheart, John, in 2014 and we welcomed our first child, Emerson, to the world in 2020. When I’m not working, I love visiting new coffee shops with my family, cooking with John, reading, and spending time exploring the desert. I’m so thankful for this amazing job and the amazing couples + families I work with!

FOR YOUR PHOTOS… I specialize in creating pretty AND authentic images. My style focuses on not only capturing the posed must-haves, but on the little details and the in-between moments. I LOVE color that will stand the test of time… posing that doesn’t feel stale or awkward… and photos that feel true to who you are. I hope I’ll get the chance to tell a piece of your story. 

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”

Leonardo da Vinci

MY story:

the reason why

I do what I do


Photography found ME. It started as a hobby and before I knew it, it was all I was doing in my spare time. After I photographed my very first wedding day it hit me: wanted to do it a thousand more times. I started photographing weddings before I was even married, and while I ABSOLUTELY loved it… the weightiness of being a wedding photographer didn’t really hit me until my own special day. Between the blur of everything speeding by and the logistics of the day, it was both beautiful and crazy and before I knew it… it was over. After that, the importance of the fleeting moments of a wedding crashed down on me. I will forever treasure every photo that was captured for us that day… and I’ll forever cherish the chance to capture those moments for others. Here’s a favorite of mine from my own wedding > > walking into the unknown, just two people in love.