I’m Engaged… Now What?

For those happy couples who recently got down on one knee and said yes, congratulations!

For those who said yes by the glimmer of a Christmas tree or by the stroke of midnight, welcome to this amazing adventure of love.

At Katelyn Cantu Photography, we understand that this time can be chaotic and a little bit overwhelming, but here are three simple and easy steps that you should do as you start this season of engagement.

1. Take time to celebrate
Before you dive into the thick of it, cherish this time with your significant other and take the time to bask in the happiness and celebration! This phase with your future spouse is so amazing! Take this time to celebrate with friends and family during this special season in your life, and remember: the wonderful people who are celebrating with you now, are the same people who will be witnessing the “I do” on your big day. Drink in every moment and savor it!

2. Start wedding planning
After all of the celebrating has died down, now is the time to get down to business! The big 3 tasks are: 1) Set your date 2) Set your budget and 3) Select your wedding venue. Start pinning on your Pinterest board for vision (as if you haven’t already-haha) and pick your bridesmaids. I would recommend checking out wedding planning websites to help get everything in order (The Knot has a great checklist starting point that can help minimize stress)! Just remember, when things get overwhelming: Dream of your big day!

3. Book your photographer
On your wedding day, you want to be certain that the beautiful moments, both grand and sentimental, are captured in the most lasting way.. photos! Every year on your anniversary with your spouse, you will want to pull out your wedding album and relive that day where two families came together. Finding a wedding photographer who can capture your special day can seem like a daunting task, but don’t get overwhelmed. It will all be okay! Start by asking your friends and family for recommendations! It’s always great to have an inside peek into what it’s like to work with a specific photographer.

So there you have it! See, it really wasn’t that scary to get going on your wedding planning. Remember, in the end it’s all about you and your love becoming husband & wife. Happy planning! 🙂

Interested in booking a wedding photographer? Here at Katelyn Cantu Photography we create wedding photography that is centered on preserving the fleeting moments of your wedding day. Learn more about Katelyn Cantu Photography and our wedding collections by visiting katelyncantu.com/info.

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