How to Pick Your Bridesmaids

The day has finally come! The love of your life has asked you to be his wife and now that the excitement has started to settle, the planning must begin! So of course.. step 1 is to choose the ladies who will help you with ALLLLL of the planning! Your bridesmaids will be there on your big day to support you.. And it’s SOOOOO important to pick them wisely. These are just a few tips when it comes to choosing your maids!

1. Follow Your Gut Reactions:

  1. If you have to struggle back and forth on whether or not Jane Doe should be one of your bridesmaids, then Jane Doe probably shouldn’t be one of your bridesmaids. This group should be your TRIBE. Your SQUAD. Your go-to’s and your closest friends. These decisions should feel right and make sense when you look back twenty years from now!

2. Choose Supportive People:

  1. This should go without saying, but I’m saying it anyway! Your bridesmaids should be supportive and helpful. They should be there for you and shouldn’t make everything about themselves (which can totally happen). Aim to surround yourself with girls who love you and will be a source of strength.. a source of stress-fighting lady strength. Haha! Keep this in mind when you’re choosing the ones you want surrounding you on your big day!

3. Don’t Over-Analyze the Number:

  1. There’s nothing worse than having to cut one of your besties because your man doesn’t have another guy to ask. It’s okay!! One of the groomsmen can have an extra lady on his arm. That never hurt anyone! Your photographer can be creative with posing. And ultimately, an uneven photo is better than wishing you had included someone in hindsight. On the flip side, don’t feel pressure to have a certain amount of bridesmaids. Two bridesmaids can be just as fierce and helpful on a wedding day as six!

Katelyn Cantu Photography, Arizona Spring Wedding


Your Maid of Honor will often become the go-to person on your wedding day for your photographer, your venue, and even your DJ. It’s important to pick someone who can handle this responsibility and to remember you’re allowed to break outside of “tradition” if necessary. For example, if you reaaaaally want to honor your younger sister with the title but you’re not sure she can handle the challenge, consider having two maids of honor! I see this all the time, and there’s nothing wrong with honoring two people! 🙂

Ultimately, this is YOUR wedding day and you get to choose who you want to stand beside you as you marry the love of your life. Pick the girls you just have to have up there, the people who will support you through every step! I promise there’s no need to feel restricted by numbers or traditions. Your wedding day only happens once, and your bridesmaids will be so honored when you ask them to join you for your special day. I hope these simple tips can bring some clarity to your process! Happy wedding planning! 🙂

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