Tonto Natural Bridge Engagement | Sierra & Ross

We traveled to Tonto Natural Bridge to meet Sierra & Ross for their unique engagement session. Ross grew up visiting the natural bridge with his family, so it seemed like a fitting choice for their engagement photos. It was absolutely breath taking, and so different than anywhere I’ve ever shot before! I have to be honest though, the rocks under the “bridge” are incredibly slippery.. and I must have almost fallen at least ten different times! Haha!

Technically, Ross and Sierra met via Facebook when she messaged him with the note “Hi, I’m Sierra, and I think it’s awesome that you’re into superheroes.” But, they also had mutual friends and were both attending ASU at the time. On their first date, they saw the movie Wolverine, given that they initially bonded over their love for comics and superheroes. Before long, they became each other’s first boyfriend and first girlfriend, and that brings us to their amazing proposal story, told by Sierra:

For our one-year anniversary, Ross bought me an Italian-made leather journal, and he writes a love letter to me in it each month on the 19th because our anniversary was August 19, 2103. On May 19, 2016, he took my journal to write in it but it never showed back up on my shelf. Two days later my best friend Andrea was in town and we had plans to go to breakfast together. When we went to my apartment so I could shower, my journal was there. When I opened it to read the new entry, it wasn’t a love letter but rather riddles that Ross had written. It was evident that if I solved each riddle I would find Ross and he would propose. Also, each riddle had its own prize. So, Andrea and I went all around the valley solving the riddles. Stop one was the restaurant First Watch where they had a table waiting and a dozen roses for me. Ross promised me flowers every month on our anniversary. The second stop was a nail salon in Tempe where they were waiting with a gift certificate so I could have my nails done, and Ross said that he’d always pay for me to get my nails done when I want. Then, the riddles led us to the ASU Foundation at Old Main where a puppy collar was tied to a rock at the bottom of the fountain, and Ross said we would adopt a puppy once we’re married. Finally, the last riddle directed me to the Japanese Friendship Garden where Ross was waiting at scenic stop number 7 (my favorite number), and he proposed and promised to love me forever.

Enjoy my favorites from their engagement session and keep your eye out for their wedding next Fall!

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