Tips for a Stress Free Wedding Day

YAY! It’s finally here! Your wedding day is right around the corner and you are so blissfully calm.. NO! You’re probably a little stressed out and worried — it’s totally normal! I was there once, and I remember having this slight worry that somehow everything I had planned would fall through. But it didn’t! It was beautiful and although not perfect, it was everything I had hoped it would be. And I’m hoping the same for you. I just wanted to take a moment to share some simple tips for a stress free wedding day (okay let’s say minimal stress wedding day). 😉

1. Remember why you planned a wedding — All of this effort isn’t simply to put on a beautiful event.. it’s to celebrate your coming marriage to your best friend and life partner! EEEEK! How exciting is that!? With that purpose in the forefront of your mind, even if things go wrong (and there is always something), you can refocus on what matters and let the little things fall to the wayside.

2. Expect the unexpected — I hate that saying. Don’t you? How can I expect something if it’s unexpected and I don’t know what it is? Well.. what if I said you should just expect for there to be unexpected events? Haha! But really.. it seems that every wedding day has its unexpected surprises and challenges, and being prepared for them mentally will help to you enjoy your day in the face of those challenges that may arise. On my wedding day, I forgot to secure the bread and wine for our communion during our ceremony. I could have freaked out, but because I was expecting for some things to go wrong, I was able to stay calm. Our pastor/officiant came to the rescue with wine (good thing we were married at a winery) and garlic croutons to substitute the bread — yes, I said garlic croutons. So, what was almost a disaster turned into one of my favorite memories of our wedding day.. as John and I crunched down on garlic croutons right before our first kiss as husband and wife, my heart was full. But, speaking of coming to the rescue, that brings me to my next point..

3. Let the people around you help — It’s so important to let your friends and family help you. Trust them and rely on them. Delegate wedding day tasks. On your wedding day, there is no reason for you to be putting final touches on decor or making sure the florist arrives on time. That’s why you have a maid of honor. That’s why you have bridesmaids. They love you and they want to help!

4. Share your wedding day timeline with key people — It’s important for your family and bridal party to know where they need to be and when. It will save time and keep your day running smoothly. I always recommend sending a copy of the timeline to the following people ahead of time: your maid of honor, the best man, your parents, and your groom’s parents. Then, these people can kindly notify the rest of the bridal party and family what time they are needed for photos. This will save you a ton of hassle and worry the day of your wedding. Like I said on tip #3, DELEGATE!

5. ENJOY YOUR DAY — You’ve worked hard and waited for this day for months! It’s time to enjoy marrying the love of your life and to celebrate with your family and friends! It’s time to have fun and pose for pretty photos. Soak in every moment because this day only comes once! <3

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