AZ Desert Wedding Inspiration

This photoshoot was born out of some itching for creativity, a beautiful custom-made gown that Vanessa and I had talked about wanting to photograph since I met her (LOL), and a need for some new imagery! Vanessa has been married for a couple of years now, but didn’t hesitate when I asked her if she would put her wedding dress back on and model for me. We started by creating the beautiful bouquet featured in these images. Part of the uniqueness of this shoot was that I got to play a couple of different roles, including “makeshift florist,” which was so, so fun. I am by no means a florist, but it was a creative challenge to think outside of my “photographer box.” Haha! We bought all of the flower stems from Trader Joe’s. They have such a beautiful selection and they are always great quality! The aim was to create something that conveyed elegance with a little bit of wild to match the desert scenery. Our base for elegance became white roses and we incorporated some splashes of ruby red to bring to life the idea of winter in the desert. We roamed the desert landscape of South Mountain just as the sun began to set behind the hills.

The lighting, her dress, the florals, and the Arizona desert all came together in a truly gorgeous way. To me, this is the perfect inspiration for having an Arizona wedding in the desert. All too often, we overlook its beauty, and with this shoot I wanted to highlight just that! Enjoy my favorite captures below.. 🙂

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